How to Prepare for a Boudoir Photography Session

Published: 19th November 2006
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The Day of your romantic glamour session is finally here

OK, you've booked your glamour session and everything seems to be all set for this important day.

Now what?

After taking this first step your goal should be to make this intimate photo session the best it can be.

A glamour photographer can do much to help your look but these are must-dos in order for you to help the photographer.

#1 - When is your boudoir session?

If your photo session is in the morning, be sure and eat a good breakfast.

If you are having an afternoon session, eat a light lunch. It takes a lot of energy to do romantic portraits and you don't want to run out of steam before the session is over.

#2 - Don't let time stress you out - It will show in your photographs

Try to leave home early enough to be at the boudoir session on time, or better still, a little early.

When you are in a hurry, stress sets in. Although we don't rush you into a session (some photographers do) the anxiety that you feel because of being rushed to get to your photo session will make it difficult to put yourself into the relaxed, romantic mood needed to have a successful boudoir photo session.

#3 - Don't try to go it alone

Bring a friend with you to the photo studio. If a romantic photographer refuses this request, check a little closer before using him or her. This is a safety precaution that every woman should follow.

We have no problem with a friend or family member coming with you. All we ask is that they not be in the studio section during the session. Boudoir photography is not a spectator sport. d:-)

#4 - Wear clothing that is suitable to your romantic photo session

Come to your intimate photography session wearing clothing that fits loosely to insure the least amounts of marks on your body.

These marks take time to go away and may waste your limited amount of time allocated for the portrait session. (professional glamour models know this secret and are ready to go without a waiting period)

#5 - The hair!!!- The hair!!!

Instead of a pullover, wear a button up shirt so that you won't disturb the makeup and hair when you begin to change for your boudoir session.

#6 - The Clothes!!! - The Clothes!!!

Wear a clear deoderant instead of the white, powdery kind so that your clothese will stay the color they should be.

#7 - But perfume is sooooo romantic

If you wear perfume to the photo shoot (not recommended), make sure it's very light.

Boudoir photographers sometimes work in small studios and strong perfume will overwhelm your photographer and the others who have to work with you.

#8 - Do I need to wear makeup?

Many boudoir photo sessions will include a makeup and/or hair artist. If this is the case come to your session without any makeup or concealer and make sure your hair is good and clean.

If your boudoir photographer wants you to do your own makeup for the session, go here for glamour makeup tips to help you apply makeup for the camera and lights.

#9 - Have Fun!!!

Going to a professional female photographer for an intimate photo session does not mean that you can't have fun.

Following the steps above will help insure that you will have fun during your boudoir session by getting off to a good start.

Romantic glamour photography is a collaboration bewteen the model and the photographer and the more you prepare for your boudoir portrait session the more you will enjoy your day of romance.

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